Our Work

Excellis consultants and associates have advised some of the world's leading companies, public sector organisations, SMEs and start-ups. Our clients trust us to partner with them in devising, formulating and implementing practical and cost-effective solutions to their business, innovation and technology challenges.

A sample selection of our work is featured below. We are happy to share with prospective clients additional references and case studies relevant to their enquiry (subject to confidentiality obligations that we have in place with our existing clients, business partners and associates).

Our more recent assignments also include:
  • Strategic options assessment for aircraft end-of-life and eco disposal.
  • Development of a mobile/wireless marketing strategy for a telecommunications service provider.
  • Pan European research and competitiveness study for the EU manufacturing engineering sector.
  • "Green" product and service innovation with several SMEs to help them address the opportunities and challenges of 'climate change'.
  • Vendor-neutral technology platform specification for international trade development.
  • Strategic assessment and business case for global e-collaboration.
  • Several full lifecycle (concept to sunset) e-Commerce and online retailing projects.

Delivering a Return on Fees (ROF)

We always aim to deliver results for our clients that translate into at least a 10-15 fold return in terms of tangible benefits - be they cost or operational efficiencies, innovation uptake, improved technology effectiveness, increased customer retention and satisfaction, business growth, capability-building, risk mitigation, or realising new commercial opportunities, etc.

We measure the tangible benefits with a metric called the Return on Fees (ROF). We do this for each assignment or project, wherever practicable.

By pioneering this approach for management consulting, we are able to evaluate our own delivery performance in conjunction with the usual metrics of time, budget, utilisation, client satisfaction, etc.

Hence, as well as holding us accountable, the ROF metric also enables our clients to assess the net positive value we are able to create for their organisations, over and above the usual internal business case.

For a number of our clients we have even achieved a ROF in excess of 35; which in monetary terms translates into c.£35 return on every £1 spent on fees.

Delivering Value for Money All-round

To see additional examples of our work and complementary activities please visit the appropriate sections below:

Delivering Impact Beyond Results

Our work is uniquely differentiated through actionable and implementable outcomes.

We go beyond analysis, hypothesis and prognosis to support business decision-making. And whilst we do make pragmatic use of a range of analytical tools, quantitative methods and qualitative techniques, our real impact is not through reports, spreadsheets and presentations, but through our proven approach to facilitating and delivering tangible benefits to our client's business.

Over the past years, we have been engaging with hundreds of SMEs and have assimilated significant intellectual property, knowledge resources, databases and tangible high-value assets. Where necessary, we also make these resources available to our clients and partners.

Our work has a positive and sustainable impact on thousands of small businesses in the UK, European Union (EU) and worldwide.

Delivering Foresight Leadership

We continue to differentiate ourselves by defining our service offerings within the context of Foresight Leadership. Thereby, we avoid the inherent shortcomings ('me too', 'hot topic', etc) of the 'thought leadership' based approaches of our competitors - most of whom have not changed their mindset, nor consulting business models, for decades.

Foresight Leader, Foresight Leaders, and Foresight Leadership are trade marks of Excellis Business Consulting (excellisgroup.com).