Consulting & Advisory Services

SME & Start-Up

Excellis is a market leader in providing services and solutions geared specifically for SMEs. Our unique understanding of the SME mindset and business imperatives means that industry leaders and policy-makers often rely on our expertise.

Over the past years we have been engaging with hundreds of SMEs and have assimilated significant intellectual property, knowledge resources, databases and tangible high-value assets. Our work has a positive and sustainable impact on thousands of small businesses in the UK, European Union (EU) and worldwide.

We partner with SME and start-up businesses in multiple industry sectors. The services and solutions we offer are flexible and cost-effective. They cover the full spectrum of activities including commercial exploitation of your technology and innnovation ventures, business process automation, digital commerce and ICT projects.

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Corporate Business

We work mainly with companies in aerospace, high-tech, manufacturing, retail and telecommunications industries. We assist our clients in envisioning and realising strategic business change and transformation programme strategy, design and implementation.

Our Cloud Advisory, CRM and Business Intelligence, and Digital Commerce services are designed to address the short, medium and long-term requirements of your business.

In addition, we are able to leverage our extensive knowledge and know-how of EU programmes for research and technology to help you secure EU funding for developing innovative products and services.

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Public Sector

Local authorities and councils, healthcare, trade development and business support organisations rely on us to deliver their citizen-centric initiatives for best-value public services, technology-led performance improvement and lean management.

With our extensive knowledge and know-how of EU programmes for public administration, e-Government, healthcare and policy support, we can help you secure EU funding for delivering innovation in public services, economic development and business support.

Our strong commitment to excellence in the public sector is also noteworthy, with ongoing initiatives that are designed to stimulate innovation and drive efficiency.

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