Consulting & Advisory Services

High Performance Now


High Performance Now (or HiPerNow) is our methodology for helping large and complex organisations define and implement enterprise-scale performance improvement or transformation initiatives.

Technology and outsourcing service provider independence is one of HiPerNow's key strenghts. Therefore, it provides a versatile and objective approach for senior managers to explore innovative options, and to make truly strategic business decisions.

Whether your focus is on cost reduction, lean management, or improving customer service, the HiPerNow approach will help you achieve the optimal synergy between your:
  • Business Performance,
  • Customer Value Excellence, and
  • Secure, Robust IT Systems & Business Processes.

ZeroTechnology Option

The ZeroTechnology Option phase of HiPerNow (see above) allows senior managers to make an informed assessment of the available options for performance improvement that are based entirely on existing IT infrastructure/architecture.

Thereby, avoiding costly and untimely investments, risks and business disruptions associated with new technology introduction or upgrades.

Among the possible scenarios where the ZeroTechnology Option aims to generate substantial operational and stakeholder dividends are:
  • You are a government agency responsible for developing new strategies for business, innovation, and enterprise.
  • You are a major retail chain looking to maintain your customer base and stores footfall.
  • You are a telecommunications service provider looking to improve your customer complaints resolution process.
  • You are an aerospace and defence group locked into a multi-year IT outsourcing agreement, and now need to achieve further cost efficiencies.
  • You are a financial services organisation developing a strategy for improved economies of scale and business process and systems integration.
  • You are an online retailer wishing to improve your order management process.