Consulting & Advisory Services

Innovation & Technology


We provide strategic advice pertaining to new product and/or service development, innovation management, market deployment and commercialisation.

Market Assessment & Strategic Analysis

Our experience is derived from a range of projects: from multi-billion value international collaborative design, product development, and market deployment projects, to the smaller scale entrepreneurial ventures.

Planning and Financing

We can also assist with the development of new venture investment and business plans, as well as the identification of suitable sources of seed capital, grants or funding.

Owing to the very nature of this activity, our work is of a highly confidential nature; sometimes even entailing exclusive relationships and business partnerships with our clients.

Please contact us to discuss your project or idea in full confidence; if necessary, under a non-disclosure agreement.

Business Networks

Whilst there is no shortage of generic business advice and support, there can be no substitute for specific first-hand advice from people who have done it before.

Excellis has access to a wide range of business networks, professionals and entrepreneurs, whose input can often make a significant difference to the successful outcome of your business venture or growth strategy.

Innovation Ventures

Below are selected (and "desensitised") examples of our innovation ventures in varying stages of development and/or market deployment:

  • Feasibility assessment of product feature extension for a personal care product line.
  • Assessment of specialist information services provisioning for healthy living, primarily for the elderly.
  • Start-up UK company with a novel idea for developing underwater devices/sensors.
  • Early-stage European company developing a niche aircraft product line.
  • Supporting an entrepreneur in developing his idea on energy-efficient home appliance.
  • Extension of mobile device capability to cater for specialised communication requirements using WIFI and video.
  • Start-up aquatic club and franchise with a novel business model and leisure product offering.

European Programmes

Please also refer to our complementary services relating to the European Union funded projects and programmes.
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