Consulting & Advisory Services

European Programmes


The European Union (EU) has a formidable research and technological development (RTD) capability, credibility and commitment, and Excellis offers significant expertise in this area.

Our ongoing involvement in European framework programmes in a number of areas (as detailed below) ensures that our clients receive advice and services that are cognizant of current and future developments in new technologies and business paradigms.

We believe that this is another differentiating aspect of our service, as we can help our clients innovate and implement strategic safeguards against technological or service-provider obsolescence.

Critical success factors

Our clients (especially SMEs) often tell us that successful participation in EU programmes necessitates a significant amount of upfront investment in resources, skills and know-how. In addition, long-term and practical experience of the framework programmes and the European Commission itself is also a prerequisite.

Therefore, by partnering with Excellis, our clients can quickly acquire the prerequisite level of hands-on experience, skills and the know-how. At the same time, they can be assured of our 100% independence and full technical and commercial confidentiality of their ideas and intellectual property.

How we can help

We assist organisations seeking to secure EU funding for their R&D initiatives or project development. We offer a full range of services that include:
  • Proposal/idea development (achievement of the "WOW" and the "HOW")
  • Call and work-programme feasibility assessment
  • Consortium formation and agreements
  • Financial budget and project plan formulation
  • Bid development and "mock" evaluations
  • Project management and liaison with the European Commission officers
  • Commercial exploitation strategy development for upstream research results
  • Dissemination and marketing of downstream research projects

Audacious Innovation

We have been involved in the Digital Business Eco-systems, Inter-countries Research for Manufacturing Advancement (IRMA) and NETWORLD2020 ETP. We have also contributed to over forty concepts, proposals, projects and events, as well as initiatives focused on fostering international cooperation with the EU (among them are NanoHand and Euro-India ICT).

As a result, our mature partner network consists of industrial, research, public and SME organisations across Europe, North America and Asia. This means that we are well-placed to advise our clients on how to attain greater success from participating in the EU framework programmes, and to extract maximum value, innovation and sustainability of results for their own enterprises.