Consulting & Advisory Services

Corporate Business

High Performance Now

High Performance Now (or HiPerNow) is our technology and vendor independent methodology for helping clients define and implement enterprise-scale performance improvement initiatives.

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European Programmes

The European Union (EU) has a formidable research and technological development (RTD) capability, credibility and commitment, and Excellis offers significant expertise in this area.

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Cloud Advisory

CloudAdvice is our strategy-to-implementation advisory service for organisations of all sizes and sectors – from large multinational corporations, public sector organisations, to small- and medium-sized (SMEs) and micro enterprises.

For not-for-profit and social enterprises, Excellis also undertakes to deliver significant portions of its CloudAdvice services on a pro-bono basis†.

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Digital Commerce

Our robust and rigorous approach to appraising and designing digital commerce projects will help you realise your business goals: whether it is to achieve top-line business growth; launch a new online venture; or to reduce operational costs through electronic service delivery.

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We help design, project manage, and deploy high-quality Customer Relationship & Experience Management (CRM/CEM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions that optimise the fulfillment of your business and investment goals.

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