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Visions for Future Communications Summit, Lisbon (Portugal)

October, 2017

Status: Closed

The following event invitation is publicised at the request of the NetWorld2020 ETP Secretariat on behalf of Professor Rui L. Aguiar, Networld2020 ETP Chair.

Date/Time: 23-24 October 2017
Venue: ISCTE, Lisbon University Institute, Lisbon (Portugal)
Organized by Networld2020 with the support of 5G Infrastructure Association, European Commission, IEEE and National Science Foundation

Event Overview

As we are approaching the end of this decade, the fifth generation mobile network (5G) technology, providing mobile communication services of unprecedented quality, is on the path to become a commercial reality. This recent progress towards 5G has been enabled by a clear focus of research organizations, governmental research programs and the communications industry at large on this target. This is the critical time when researchers are starting to think about the next big steps in communications. How will people and machines communicate in the future? What kind of new communication services and data usage will impact our lives towards the end of the next decade? What will be the directions and challenges in communications and networking after 5G? What disruptive transmission technologies, network architectures, management and control schemes will allow us to take communications yet another step further?

The Visions for Future Communications Summit, sharing the vision pursued by the IEEE 5G Initiative, will bring together thought leaders from research, industry and governments, to discuss their visions of the future of communications. The 2 day event will consist of keynote presentations, invited presentations as well as submissions from open call addressing future challenges and opportunities in communications. Contributions will be selected based on visionary appeal rather than proven results. Emphasis will be put on disruptive ideas that can change the world. The conference will address network architectures and control, physical layer and transmission technologies as well as service related aspects in 3 parallel tracks.

The Programme and Registration are now available at the Visions for Future Communications Summit website (external site).

Audacious Innovation

As innovator and enabler of innovation for our clients, Excellis Business Consulting is proactive in European framework programmes in a number of areas. We do this to ensure that our clients receive up-to-date advice and services that are cognizant of current and future developments in new technologies, business paradigms and the EU's wider relationship with the rest of the world.

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