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Public consultation on drones (unmanned aircraft) – technical standards for drones as a product, and conditions for drone operations

April, 2018

Status: Closed

This public consultation by the European Commission is a follow-up on a previous one conducted in October 2014. It relates to a policy initiative in the field of civil drones or unmanned aircraft (UA).

Contributions to the consultation are invited from all citizens and organisations.

Through this consultation, the European Commission is seeking informed opinions and suggestions to help identify the key benefits that could be realised by the use of drones, whilst addressing the concerns via suitable EU public intervention.

The results of this consultation will be incorporated into the forthcoming rules on civil drones and their operations, and potentially additional future regulations related to operating of civil drones.

The questionnaire concerns the civil use of drones for public use as well as recreational and commercial activity. The use for military purposes is outside the scope of this consultation.

How to submit your views

For more information and/or to submit your response, please visit the Public consultation on drones (unmanned aircraft) web page (external site).

The closing date for your response is 9 July 2018.

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